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9th April 2002:

Posted a recent screenshot of the current WIP on the lScape demo. Features currently in development are support for 4 TMUs to further speed up texture splatting and integrating in the water reflection demo (probably using vertex programs).

17th March 2002:

Thanks to Ben Discoe of for debugging the MSVC6 build of lScape. Bug fixed versions of lScape and glBase have been posted on the downloads page. MSVC5 project files now replaced with MSVC6 versions.

3rd March 2002:

lScape 1st 'official' release, demo & source code now available - see the downloads page. Improvements over the pre-release:

  • Improved texture splatting - down from 5 passes to 4 passes.
  • Improved texture splatting with texture_env_combine extension - down to 3 passes.
  • Readme file done with instructions on building, running etc.
  • Includes project files for LCC-Win32 and MS VC++.

NOTE: For best results when running the demo, set screen mode to 32 bit colours (see the readme file).

Let me know what you think. If you want to build the source you should also download the latest glBase source here.

13th February 2002:

lScape source, exe and data files now available - see the downloads page. This is kind of a pre-release since there are a few more tweaks I wanted to make to the code, plus I haven't done a readme file yet, but it should work OK. Check out the lscape/app.c file to see what function keys are available, you can change occlusion, collision detection, rendering mode settings etc. The 'i' key should toggle an info display on/off. Note that, although its designed to run on any OpenGL ICD, the current version has only been tested on a GeForce II Ti at the moment.

Also uploaded an update to the glBase source - improved VAR/Fence support in cache.c (if you download the lScape source you need to download this as well) and added a section on GeoMip level selection to the lScape tech page.

4th February 2002:

New site uploaded together with latest version of glBase. New features include

  • Simple cache memory manager
  • Tweaked pixel buffer support (make_current_read no longer required)
  • Support for nVidia VAR Fence extensions

Apologies to anyone wanting the ROAM source promised on the old site. This project was mothballed some time ago and restarted using the GeoMipMapping idea. Check out some screenshots here. The demo will be uploaded shortly. Features are as follows:

  • Continuous level of detail using GeoMipMapping
  • Texture splatting
  • Hierarichical occlusion culling
  • Collision detection
  • Quadtree based frustum culling
  • Accelerated rendering with NV Var Fence

28th May 2001:

Thanks to everyone in the Flipcode and forums who posted feedback and performance results for the water reflection demo. As a result, a new download of the glBase library and demo app is available which now includes support for OpenGL pixel buffers. In response to some emails I've had about the demo, I've posted a page that describes how the technique works and discusses some performance issues on different graphics cards.

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