About glBASE

glBase is a framework for developing simple OpenGL applications. It uses GLUT, so it should be fairly portable. Currently it provides the following features:

  • Basic 3D maths operations
  • View frustum culling
  • Texture object management
  • TGA file loading
  • Texture mapped fonts
  • Free (6DOF) camera movement
  • Simple cache memory manager
  • OpenGL extension detection
  • Support for pixel buffer extensions
  • Support for nVidia VAR Fence extensions

The current state of the C source is available for download here, with a simple demo application that uses render to texture and projective texture mapping to create a rippling water reflection effect. There is also a pre-built exe here. You can view the readme file here.

glBase is written in 'straight' C using the free compiler/IDE LCC-Win32. It should also build ok with MS Visual C++ and Linux gcc. A lot of the functionality in glBase is inspired by source code written by Brian Sharp for his Gamasutra articles or by stuff in the Quake source releases from ID.

Note to Linux users

glBase support for pixel buffers and NV VAR Fence is only for Microsoft Windows at the moment.

Open Source

All source code on this site is free under the terms of the GNU/GPL, so you can do with it as you please, provided you stay within the terms stated here. Everything here is posted in the hope that someone will either find it useful or help me to improve it. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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