Landcsape rendering using geomipmapping. View screenshots here. Demo and source now uploaded. View the readme file here. Features:

  • Continuous level of detail using GeoMipMapping
  • Texture splatting
  • Hierarichical occlusion culling
  • Collision detection
  • Quadtree based frustum culling
  • Accelerated rendering with NV Var Fence where supported by ICD
  • Accelerated rendering with texture_env_combine where supported by ICD
  • Source code and executable (Win32) available

NOTE: For best results when running the demo, set screen mode to 32 bit colours (see the readme file).

The geomipmapping technique is based on a this paper by Willem H. de Boer.

The hierarchical visibility technique is based on this paper by A. James Stewart.

The texture splatting technique is based on this paper by Charles Bloom.

The VAR Fence extensions are described on nVidia's web site here and here.

There are some notes on landcape texturing and lighting and GeoMip level selection here.



Landcsape rendering using split / merge Real-time Optimally Adapting Meshes. View screenshots here.

This project is mothballed. Apologies to anyone wanting the ROAM source as promised on the old site but this project has been superseded by lScape (above).

The ROAM technique is based on this paper by Mark Duchaineau et al.

My starting point for this project was this implementation by Chris Cookson.


Water reflections using projective texture mapping and render to texture

This was written as a demo app for the glBase library. The idea is that the reflected image ripples as the surface of the water ripples. There are some explanatory notes here and a screenshot here. The C source and a prebuilt exe are available for download here. View the readme file here.



Currently glBase has a screenprint facility that just dumps to a raw file in 24 bpp RGB format. This utility will convert the raw files to TGA files. Download it here.

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